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Muslim Fostering

Giving children in care a safe home and a happy childhood

Children in care have often suffered abuse or trauma. They deserve a safe, loving home, where they can be themselves and get the support they need to thrive.


Foster carers provide the love, attention and patience these youngsters desperately need.


However, with a massive shortage of foster carers in the UK – around 10,000 more are needed – not all foster children can be placed with carers of the same religion, or with carers who understand their religious needs.


Muslim Fostering aims to help more Muslims become foster carers and give non-Muslim foster carers a better understanding of Islam, so that more Muslim foster children can feel at home. This can make a big difference to these vulnerable children, giving them confidence in their identity as they heal and grow.

Support Muslim Fostering £15 a month

You can be part of safe, happy childhoods

for foster children in the UK by:

Becoming a foster carer

Looking after a foster child can be incredibly rewarding, but you must be fully prepared for everything that it involves.  Please read all the information on the Become a foster carer page then get in touch and we'll call you for a one-to-one consultation and guide you on the process. Our fostering teams are available Monday to Saturday, from 9am to 7pm.

Sharing your experiences as a foster carer or child

Tell us about your experiences as a current or former foster child or foster carer. This will help us build a picture of where needs are greatest and what areas of foster care provision need most attention.

Requesting training for your local authority or fostering agency

If you're a foster care professional or social worker, we can provide support and training to help you understand and meet the needs of Muslim foster carers and Muslim children in foster care. Contact us to find out more.


Donating to support our advice and training services

Give £15 a month to help support the various elements of our fostering programme, such as our telephone advice service, one-to-one consultations and group training.

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Muslim Fostering



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