Britain's Got Talent stars, Signature

Signature are the Worlds #1 Michael Jackson dance duo tribute. They were the runners-up on Britain's Got Talent, watched by 18million viewers in the UK and declared by Simon Cowell as 'One of the greatest acts in Britain's Got Talent history!'

Hip-hop poet, Sukina Pilgrim

Sukina Pilgrim is a Spoken-Word and Hip Hop artist. She makes up one half of the Muslim female Hip Hop duo, Poetic Pilgrimage, with her group sharing their unique blend of conscious Hip Hop and impactful poetry to engage communities. 

Upcoming nasheed artist, Alman Nusrat

An upcoming nasheed artist from the USA, Alman Nusrat has an interesting take on combining modern music and sound with poetic language and imagery inspired by faith.


BBC's comedian, Abdullah Afzal

Abdullah is most famous for playing Amjad on the BBC's long-running show, Citizen Khan. He is the comedy host for the British Muslim Variety Show.

Uplifting musician, Faz Shah

Faz Shah (Farhaan Aamir Shah) is an actor, composer, script writer and beatboxing violinist from Manchester and has performed all around the world in prestigious venues both as a solo performer and with orchestras/ bands. 

The unrivalled beatboxer, Omar SayNoMore

Omar SayNoMore uses his music abilities to highlight humanitarian issues across the globe. Started out as a beatboxer at an early age and became one of Britain's best at the age of 14!

News headliners, Once Upon A Family

The family began acting together nine years ago, performing for charity in front of 250 people. Since then, their theatre company has gone from strength to strength, writing scripts and performing for a number of other charities.

International poet, Faisal Salah

Faisal Salah has journeyed with his unique voice and thought-provoking lyrics all over the world.

Whether it is in the form of beatboxing, singing or poetry, the aim is the same: “To awaken change”.

Spiritual lyricist, Ahmed Ikhlas

Ahmed Ikhlas is a British-born of Jamaican origin who has reverted to Islam.

He has used his heritage and love for the Prophet (saw) to generate an expressive unique style of music and poetry.